Thursday, March 7, 2013


Have you ever cleaned out your closet and realized that you have a bunch of designer stuff (or just other good stuff) that you really like that doesn't fit you anymore or you just don't really wear it, and you'd love to make a few dollars from it because someone might love it, but you don't know how to do it?

I recently discovered the app called "POSHMARK" that lets you do just that. It's like the instagram for selling clothes. It is literally so easy: You take 4 pics of your items, list a few details in the available fields and then post! All listed items generate in a news feed so as you are updating it, you can see what others most recently posted. There are also little "posh parties" where you can post themed items, such as all bags, or Gucci items, etc.
Visit the website or just download the app!

You can communicate with other "poshers" just like on instagram by commenting @theperson at the bottom of their photo. Then when you are ready to buy you literally hit "buy" and then pay an additional $5-7 shipping fees, so if you sell, shipping is covered.

The only downside is that you need to be pretty sure you are going to like the items and ask questions. The other is that poshmark takes 20% of the sales, which comes to be a hefty amount when you sell something at any price; however, it still seems to be better than not selling the item at all or bringing it to a consignment store where they won't accept your never worn designer piece, right?
Users from all over. Lots of items and lots of shoppers!

What are your thoughts? Have you tried it? Any tricks of the trade?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rainbow Brites

It's funny because last night I got an email from that reminded me how much I love rainbows - just a mix of pastel colors.. I'm not talking Bonaroo eat granola in a tie-dye t-shirts here, people. I'm talking more sugar plum fairy mixed with cotton candy delicate looking shades. So anyways, I searched for rainbow dresses and found these 2. I like them both. One more affordable than the other. Could be a good option for a summer wedding or just a happy feeling day time dress - a little "pick me up," if you will.
Something Else by Natalie Wood on - $207
Really, that's a great price for a pretty little cotton dress - especially when everything I seem to like that fits well and doesn't look cheap tends to start around $300.
Molly Fitted Ruched Tank Dress by Alice + Olivia on - $495
But then had this post today about watercolors - and it just reminded me again, 2 days in a row!! how much I love these colors. Let Spring be SPRUNG, puh-lease!! Ps. It's like hurricane wind in NYC today, and they (whoever they is) are forecasting 3 days of snow coming up.
Find the post here

Need more rainbow?
Down from $33 to $10.17 - Find it here on - This would be an aw3some way to dress up  even jeans and a white t-shirt with some boots. Make it yours!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Heels & Steals

Today on you can find an awesome pair of suede leopard pumps - which I want. I just have a feeling these will be very flattering on the feet. I wouldn't worry about the fact that they are suede and we're entering Spring either. This type of shoe is great for the office, because while I like to stick with basic pants and tops (usually black, so I can mix and match) and I still look professional, a more embellished or bold shoe is a great way to add style without looking silly, especially in a sea full of suits (Ex: my job).
Butter pumps on - $308 marked down to $99
Want another deal? On there are actually a couple cool little inexpensive additions to one's wardrobe - no harm in adding because it won't set your wallet back. If you pair them with a few nice pieces, you'll never know they were from Forever21. First, cobalt (my new favorite color) chiffon collared tank with metal tabs on collar. This can be good for work or play, and honestly, you could get the same look (which still might not be silk) at 10x the price and it wouldn't look much different.
Only $15.80 at

I also found this cute nautical shift dress below which is 100% cotton (selling point to me, since I kind of hate polyester) and at $17.80, you will probably be pleasantly surprised and find great value in this dress. Pair with leopard mustard scarf from previous post or any little scarf and some tan flat oxfords to compensate for the fact that this little dress might be a little short. Also, the shifty-ness will make your legs look super skinny ;) and effortlessly chic. My favorite kind of sexy is showing a little leg while clearly NOT trying to be super sexy.

Find it at forever21 for $17.80. 

So I ordered like 6 or 7 items from Forever21 just to have a couple extra additions to my wardrobe (because I constantly feel like I don't have anything I want to wear) and don't want to spend a lot right now, so this is the perfect way to be more excited by your closet but not feel guilty. Try and stick with items that are somewhat trendy so you won't feel guilty throwing away the trend (plus, classic pieces you'll want to spend more on and get at better quality so they'll last longer). BUT I try and stick to items that are also somewhat basic, because I find the less going on, the nicer it actually looks in terms of quality. For example, obvious patterns can make it very evident that it is from this store versus another, but a solid colored top is much harder to detect. Literally this top could be Forever21 at $15.80, or Urban Outfitters at $69, or any contemporary designer (and still polyester) at $198. Best part, if you love the color and style, go find it in silk. Equipment has lots of solid silk tops like this, with great fabric.

Being a smart shopper is kinda fun, isn't it?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Pick Me Up

Need a little purchase (inexpensive) to pick you up this Monday? Grab one of these mustard colored leopard print scarves from Urban Outfitters. They are light enough to wear for Spring, ahead of the game in that it's channeling Fall/Winter 2013 colors and best, it's $16.99 - so not much to think about it. More Bottega Veneta here. 

I am excited to wear this with a little collared chambray shirt dress and some oxfords.

This one's from bloomingdales, but find a better from from Urban Outfitters here
Pulled from here

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sweet Gloss

Look how beautiful a defined lip is anyways!
Just came across this - great deals on lipsticks and glosses today. Hello Kitty sheer lipgloss on sale from $16 to $9. Stock up on "Sheer Pinkish Strawberry Red" - perfect for spring (I'm definitely getting this one) and some pale to brighter pinks. For $9, such a great deal.
Hello Kitty - Sweet Gloss
Get at 
Hello Kitty - Sweet Gloss
Here you go!

Makeup - 30% Off

Need an extra mascara or BB cream? is running 30% of makeup until the end of today. Perfect for people like me who live in NYC and can walk into a CVS or Duane Reade (since for mascara, I actually do like the drugstore brand) and will easily pay $10+ for a general mascara. On with the discount it comes to under $6. Stock up now! Also additional products you might consider: BB Cream& chapsticks!
In my opinion, this is the best because of the texture of the mascara and most importantly, the brush! No Clumps.
Channeling the Dewy face look.. so pretty.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Barneys Warehouse Sale

Be sure to check out the Barney's Warehouse Sale online. I went over to the one on 17th street over the weekend (maybe I was way too late) but I basically found myself in a special kind of retail hell, so I quickly left. Between the woman hoarding Marc by Marc Jacobs iphone 4 cell phone covers (I kid you not, she must have had 75 in her plastic shopping bag - I am only left to wonder which shopping app she is probably going to try and sell these suckers on, and which middle America town they will eventually land in), to getting scooted out of the way by some other "women" my size to picking up like 2 items and finding holes in them, I'm just not that into it. The experience sucked in my opinion, and maybe it would be worth it if I found something worthwhile, but again I think I needed to go earlier. Next time. Maybe. Ok, probably not.

But anyways, online, I made up for the fact that I didn't spend a dollar at the actual warehouse sale. It was great for adding some new work clothes to my collection (which I desperately need given that I've worked at an agency for 4 years wearing basically just jeans, and now that I'm on the client side I need to look like a real work person) so I purchased a couple pairs of pants, black boots (which I'm most excited for), Theory silk top, SEA short sleeved dress and.. I think that's it. These pants are great tho. Check it out.
Find them here - ICB Riding Pants $109, from what they say was  $888!? I don't believe it.
So I'm super excited to get this package. And hoping everything fits, since I don't really think I have another option but to keep it. Fingers crossed.

Also, I picked up these boots below, and OMG I'm excited. I hope they live up to my expectations. They just look so beautiful.


On Sale for $439, 60% off.